Auto Angular Sensor


AMEC’s steering angle sensor provides long lifetime and high-accuracy measurements, can detect 360-degree absolute position and detects the turns of the sensor, not only for the Adaptive Front Lighting systems (AFS), but also can be used in any swivel signal needed system, such as vehicle stability systems and electric power steering.


Technical Parameters:

Items Performance
Angular Position:  
• Range  -900° to 900° (Max. -1080° to +1080°) 
• Resolution  0.25° 
• Accuracy ± 1 % duty
Power Supply Voltage   
• Rated voltage  DC 12V 
• Range of operation voltage DC 8V to 16V
Temperature Resistance   
• Operation  –40 to 85℃ 
• Storage –40 to 95℃
Life Cycle 1,000,000 cycle (min)


Characteristic Curve:


Product Image:

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