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High Intensity Discharge Ballast


High Intensity Discharge Ballast is the key part of Xenon HID headlamp system, ensuring a smooth start and normal operation of the whole system.

AMEC's HID Ballast series products provides high quality and high stability performance, even in extreme environmental temperatures, severe vibration, thermal shock, mechanical impact and the chemical corrosion environment. It is fully compliant with the technical specifications of the global automotive companies.


Technical Parameters:

Bulb Type D1S/D1R
Rated Voltage 13.5V DC
Operating Voltage Range 6V~18V DC
IgnitionVoltage Range 9V~17V DC
Storage Temp. Range -40℃ to +105℃
Operating Temp. Range -40℃ to +125℃
Output Power 35W±3W
Life 3000 hrs


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