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Fuel Delivery Module (FDM)


The Fuel Delivery Module is a very important part on the vehicle. During the driving process, fuel supply must be in-time, sufficient, stable, and should provide an accurate amount of remaining fuel to remind driver when to fill the gas tank.


System Principle:

The Fuel Delivery Module includes three parts: gas supply pump, gas pump controller and liquid level sensors of gas tank. Fuel pumps lead fuel to pipes, sending gas to teh engine, and fuel tank liquid surface sensor gets gas volume by floats which monitor height change, and sends signals to the engine ECU.


Key of System:

» The fuel pump life- the system of durability (good or bad), depends on the fuel pump life. Traditional fuel pumps adopt a brush motor design, which have short life, overheat easily and other issues. But the latest design adopts a permanent brushless motor, performance life growth is several times, with features of: low abrasion, good heat dissipation and high precision, etc, as its advantages.

» Tank liquid level sensor—fuel volume measurement is also a major key. Real-time accurate amount of remaining fuel volume must be provided to drivers, to avoid accidents and safety by avoiding running out of fuel. These sensors can help reserve the safety volume of fuel to avoid these occurances.

» Environmental toughness tolerance-The fuel pump and fuel tank liquid level sensor are suitable for various kinds of fuel, and fuel contains a lot of different chemical substances, which may lead to erosion of the fuell pump and fuel tank liquid level sensor, so proper selection of materials and processes must overcome such problems.


System Components:

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